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CD case
sell CD case,CD holder,CD box,media packaging 1301 138X138 H13mm with pp part 1302 145*129 H13mm At present, the company’s products mainly including: round can, square can, profiled can, iron arts and crafts four series. gift box: watch box, pencil
metal bucket tin bucket
galvanized buckets, metal buckets, metal pails, zinc flower buckets which can be used in garden and home or as storage use, different sizes and colors(powder coated or printing) 100730Z Dia:8 H:7 cm 0.3L 100830Z Dia:10 H:9 cm 0.5L 101130Z Dia:1
tissue holder
Sell tissue holder, napkin box JF-777 246*131*100 mm JF-472C Dia:140 H:115 mm round tissue box JF-042 127*127 H144 mm square tissue box ML-045 110*85 H57 mm rectangular tissue box Our products are as follows: gift box: watch box, pencil case, C
pencil box
Sell pencil case, pencil box ML-003 247*52*17 MM ML-006 205*60*22 MM ML-009 157*70*26 MM ML-309 200*80*41 MM
storage bins
metal bins, storage bins, dustbins, trash cans, storage cube, storage container 200430Z Dia:37 H:41 cm 35L 200635Z Dia:42 H:49 cm 62L 200740Z Dia:47 H:58 cm 79L
flower pots
900130Z 21*10 H7 cm 2 square pots in 1 tray 900530Z 31*9 H10 cm 3 round pots in 1 tray 900430Z 24*7 H8 cm 3 round pots in 1 tray Flower pots, oval long pots 300835Z 62*15 H11 cm 300735Z 45*15 H11 cm 300635Z 35*15 H11 cm 301535Z 35*13.5 H11
pedal bins
Pedal bin,step bin,trash bin. space-saving,with different styles & capacity to meet your requirements,perfect fit for household use, logo & powder coating can be customized. garbage bins, stainless steel pedal bins, litter bins, trash cans squa
lunch box
Sell lunch box, handle box, tin box with handle, tool box JF-051 168*130 H73 mm JF-212 225*146 H86 mm JF-337B 107*72 H40 mm JF-341 180*160 H63 mm JF-340 138*118 H58 mm JF-342 202*172*104 mm
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